Front-Row Fringe Festival
Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship 
Theatre Makers.

Created for the inaugural festival in 2021, and continuing on annually, the Fringe Scholarship Program exists to expand and diversify the pool of Theatre Makers at the Front Row Fringe Festival. The inaugural program will offer free registrations for ten FRFF productions. The scholarship will cover one performance. Each applicant will pay a non-refundable $35 application fee. STOP: SCROLL DOWN, CLICK PAY, TO PAY FEE

If an applicant is not awarded a scholarship, the fee will go towards their Production Cost.

Scholarship Registration opens February 1st, 2022. Stay tuned to meet our scholarship recipients.

Each Scholarship Includes:
- Free registration for one performance for one Front Row Fringe Festival production
- Marketing and networking opportunities as a member of the Fringe community
- Opportunity to set your own ticket price and keep 100% of sales
- Opportunity to preview your show at preview night
- Eligible to win Fringe awards

Fringe Scholarships are available to Front Row Fringe Festival producers who contribute to the ethnic, cultural, racial, and the LGBTQIA diversity of the Fringe community.