Why the Front Row Fringe Festival?

Committed to Continuing the Arts During A Pandemic.

Front Row Fringe Festival has been created to help artists continue creating art during the CoVid-19 pandemic, in 2020. We believe our artists and performers deserve to have a platform from which they can continue to share their creative and innovative works. Our goal is to provide our audiences an artistic and emotional experience they won’t forget.

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What the Fringe Provides You

-1 hour time slots, in our venue (zoom room). 
 - One technical rehearsal during the Mon.-Wed. before the festival, to make sure the production can access the room, or that the prerecorded show can be screen shared. 
- One technical manager, available on stand by to make sure each show starts and ends on time and that there are no technical difficulties.
- Venue (room) Managers, who oversees front of house duties i.e. making sure shows begin and end on time.
 - Listing of your company’s name, show title, description, graphic, and performance times on the Front Row Fringe Festival website, where the public can browse the festival’s offerings.
- Publicity/marketing for the Festival as a whole. (As the Fringe Festival is un-juried, we do not publicize or advertise individual shows over others. ALL companies will receive the same level and amount of advertisement, when applicable, through social media, the FRFF website, and email newsletters during the festival. Please see our Marketing Handbook [coming soon] for tips on marketing your show).
- Opportunities to exhibit/preview your work through the preview event on opening night. 
- A platform to continue creating new and exciting work.
- A chance to have your work seen by Off-Broadway and Broadway Producers.
- How to guides on marketing, selecting the best ticketing platform for your production, how to tech a zoom and how to best sign in on the zoom platform. (Coming soon)
- A pitch session with some of today's hottest Broadway Producers.
- Most importantly, you set your ticket price from $0-$20, you select the ticketing source, you sell your own tickets, and you receive 100% of the monies you receive from the ticket  sales.


IMPORTANT: Take extra care when providing information, and PROOF the spelling and syntax of your responses before sending. We will reproduce your data exactly as we receive it--we do not correct improper capitals or misspellings. We will assume that you have included such anomalies on purpose as a marketing or artistic choice.